Expert Cleaning & Repairs of Persian Carpets

We do expert cleaning and repairs of Persian & Oriental carpets and rugs at competitive prices. Should anything occur which is out of the ordinary - and with which you are unable to cope – we urge you to get in touch with us without delay!

Your carpets and rugs should be professionally shampooed or cleaned by our Victor Lidchi’s cleaning/repair dept., every 2-4 years, depending on the traffic they have been exposed to and how dirty they have become. This is a specialist job – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF!

In Paris, early 20th century

Persian & Oriental carpet Repairs: Frayed, moth eaten, burn hole, dog chewed - we can repair most damages

We are always at your service and be sure that your much-prized Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs will receive our expert treatment at competitive prices. Call our Cleaning and Repairs Manager for quotes and advice.

In the average household things do go wrong and mishaps occur. Visitors, children and animals account for most 'accidents' while insects and moths make up for the rest. Here are just some of the damages we repair:

  • Torn or frayed areas
  • Damaged selvedge
  • Moth damage
  • Worn fringes
  • Burn, water damage

Professional Oriental Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning & repairs services for Persian carpets

When it comes to cleaning your Oriental or Persian carpet, it is best to have it done by the professionals, for a number of reasons. Of these, knowing and understanding the very essence of these hand-knotted beauties goes a long way to knowing how best to clean them. As we are dealing with natural fibres; wool, cotton and sometimes silk as well as natural dyes and colours, using the correct cleaning agents and knowing how to thoroughly clean the carpets - yes, experience really matters - will be a good investment in maintaining and extending the lifespan of your Persian or Oriental carpet.

Preserve the value, beauty and integrity of your Persian and Oriental carpets by professionally cleaning them. Expert cleaning services go beyond just cleaning the carpet - we handle the natural fibres with care and respect - and our knowledge and experience stands us in good stead. Ridding the carpet of the embedded dirts is the first thing taken care of, which is done with soft compressed air, starting with the back of the carpet, over a gridded floor. Turning it over it is then thoroughly vacuumed before the actual cleaning process begins. Treatment of the fringes is a somewhat overlooked yet very important aspect of Persian carpet cleaning. And we know this well.

When and How Often Should Persian Carpets be Cleaned?

Hand-made rugs should be professionally cleaned every two to four years, depending on how and where they are being used. Rugs used in heavily trafficked areas, such as an entry hall, may need to be professionally cleaned every year. Waiting too long between cleaning makes deeply embedded soil tougher to remove completely, especially with thick rugs. Allowing grit and soil to remain in the carpet acts as an abrasive that negatively affects the carpet over time and therefore can reduce it's lifespan.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned means that it is returned to you completely dry, clean and treated - with no chance of mildew or soap residues (from a home cleaning) because of dampness - which can cause it to resoil quickly.

Talk to us when you next need to clean your valuable Persian carpets. Even if it is to get some advice.