The Lidchi Services

At Victor Lidchi's we are known far and wide for our service and expertise

Victor Lidchi renowned services

Victor Lidchi's specialist staff will gladly devote time, care and expertise to answering questions, offering guidance, and even showing you carpets/rugs in your own home. Without obligation!

We pride ourselves on the services provided, the keen eye high quality, genuine hand-knotted articles, at educating our customers and prospects alike on the wonderful world of Persian & Oriental carpets. But most of all it is providing a comfortable, safe place for our clients to browse and find their ideal rugs or carpets, while answering any questions that may arise.

How our sales staff deal with a customer: our policy is very clear and simple; we do not hard sell. We see our job and our duty to help you the buyer, regardless of how much you want to spend, to find exactly what you need and want for your particular décor, budget and your taste. It’s almost as if we are the marriage broker between the buyer and the rug. We try to help create a long-lasting love affair between you and your purchase!. After a memorable experience!

Here are a list of our renowned services that you can expect when interacting with Victor Lidchi's.

The Victor Lidchi Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity and value accompanies each hand-made piece purchased from Victor Lidchi's. This includes the size, name, origin & price.

Orientation on the Mystique of the Persian carpet

Free Informative & Entertaining Talks and Film

Regular free talks including a short colour film on the subject, presented by Victor Lidchi himself, or our CEO, allow you to find out more about how these beautiful Oriental and Persian rugs are made; and

  • all your questions answered
  • Plus you will see and handle numerous examples while learning about how to judge quality, authenticity & value
  • Learning about their design & colour symbolism, care & cleaning - and much more!

These talks are usually held, in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere, on the last Wednesday of most months. Free snacks & wines included.

Call (011 341 0367) or email to book for the next one. (We also do such “Intro Talks” by arrangement outside of our showrooms for social clubs, charities etc. Ts & Cs apply. Call our manager.)

On-Approval Service - without obligation

You may wish to see how a selection looks in your given location or environment. We understand, and make it easy for you to do so without obligation! T’s & C’s apply.

Payment Terms

We accept all major credit cards. Of course cash! And bank guaranteed cheques.

Trade-Ins & Exchanges


We will welcome & consider “trade-ins” as a part payment on a purchase you intend making. This means any carpet that you might consider ‘tradable’ as a contribution to your new purchase with Victor Lidchi.

Trade-ins are accepted based only on the following criteria:

  1. We shall accept trade-ins as part payment on the purchase of a new item provided the purchase value, after any discounts and the trade-in value deduction, exceeds the minimum of R30 000 and the new item is paid for in full.
  2. Trade-ins will be considered at the sole discretion and approval of our CEO.
  3. The overall condition of the carpet is the primary deciding factor for consideration as a trade-in.
  4. Any discount percentage applying to the new item purchased shall apply to the trade-in item as well.
  5. Only carpets deemed sellable in todays’ market shall be considered for trade-in.
  6. A quotation for trade-ins is valid for 7 days from the date of the quotation.
  7. The cost of cleaning the carpet (should it be required) shall be deducted from the trade-in value.


On any purchases made through Victor Lidchi cc, please NOTE: For FOUR (4) months after your purchase we guarantee a full credit exchange on condition the carpet involved is in perfect condition (as bought) and was not already part of a previous exchange guarantee or trade-in deal. No current ‘discounts’ (should there be a SALE or Special Offer running) would apply should you exercise your right to exchange your carpet with us.

Free Preview-Parties of New Shipments & Imports! (Our famous “Unbalings”)

This is always a special popular event - entertaining and informative - and you are always invited to attend. Make sure you are on our mailing list! They are free. Snack & wines served. Usually 6:00 for 6:30 sharp on a Wednesday.

These are our famous Unbaling Parties, where the latest arrivals are shown to our friends & customers first before the general public. Here you are privy to the latest creations in colours, designs and origins from the East - and the way trends are moving. Remember, all hand-made rugs and carpets are, by definition, originals and unique, so there may only be one of what you really love and this is the first viewing of a part of the range. This is a great opportunity if you are thinking of buying or adding to your collection. And if not, join the fun and excitement!

Call or email to be on our mailing list to be invited to the next one!


These can be great fun! And under the stewardship and guarantees of Victor Lidchi, well, ... who knows what bargains can be picked up! Usually help once or twice per annum.

Expert Valuations and Authentications

We will do valuations for insurance, for estate purposes or whatever and assess origin and authenticity of items brought in, for a modest nominal charge. Please feel free to take advantage of our expertise and experience. Call us for more info.

Open on Weekends

For your convenience, apart from our weekday times of 9 am to 5pm, we are also open on:

  • Saturdays 9am - 4pm
  • Sundays 10am - 1pm
  • And most public holidays 10am-1pm