Company Profile

Victor Lidchi, World-Class Rugs, Carpets & Kilims
Specialising in Fine Persians & Orientals – both Classics & Moderns

There is a wonderful mystique about Persian carpets. Through the centuries, in the folklore of the East and the West, they have intrigued, been loved and prized by nobleman and commoner alike. They have delighted home-lovers, designers, decorators, investors and collectors.

One of Victor’s favourite topics is, with no surprise, hand-made Persian and other Oriental carpets. These are lovely, timeless objects of beauty that transcend fleeting fashion.


Victor Lidchi on a buying trip to India, at the Taj Mahal in Agra

Traditional Roots

Henri Lidchi, Victor’s father, was an international dealer in art and Persian carpets based in Paris in post WW 1. In 1935, during his travels, he met Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, of De Beers & Anglo-American Corp fame, who persuaded him to exhibit at the 1936 Empire Exhibition in Johannesburg. Henri did so with great success, fell in love with the country, and settled in to expand the business with his family.

In 1961, Maurice Lidchi, Henri’s eldest son who had expanded the business here in the ‘50s, left South Africa in later years to re-develop the London office, He eventually created a world-wide renowned organisation in this field.

The younger son, Victor Lidchi, at age 21, was left to look after & expand the business in South Africa.

Victor took on this family tradition in the 1960s, determined to provide quality but affordable Persian and Oriental carpets to the growing public demanding them.

Victor continued with senior policy to help clients find just what they needed without pressure, with all their questions answered, with expert guidance, and within their budges after a memorable and enjoyable buying experience.

The end result has to be: a quality, world-class, beautiful rug/carpet enhancing your interiors and bringing you pride and joy!

Victor Lidchi, founder/owner. Expert & connoisseur with five decades of International experience in fine Persian/Oriental rugs & carpets